A dweller on two planets book posted in its entirety [February 18 2017]

Uploaded the entire book here on this website as the site that used to host it is no longer online, you can find it here.


Book of the way [August 15 2016]

The Stephen Mitchell translation of the Dao De Jing. I find it has many similarities to the Christian gnostic texts such as Gospel of Thomas. Returning to the source, knowing where we come from. There's also talk about becoming passersby of this world, not getting tied up or having vices to the fleshly material aspects of this place...easier said that done.


Magus read for you [July 21 2014]

Single Eye [May 09 2014]

If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light

READING 262-85

(Q) Explain, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." [Matt. 6:22, 23.] [Given as "moral perception" in Bible notes.]
(A) It explains itself. The I AM, the I Self, the I Consciousness, the eye as in those things James has given; the eye that hath looked on, the eye that hath observed, the eye that hath desired in the heart. THAT Eye.

READING 826-11

(Q) Please explain in detail the steps I should take in this development, in meditation, that would be most consistent with my inner self?
(A) In whatever manner that thine own consciousness is a cleansing of the body and of the mind, that ye may present thyself CLEAN before thyself and before thy God, DO! Whether washing of the body with water, purging of same with oils, or surrounding same with music or incense. But DO THAT THY CONSCIOUSNESS directs thee! Not questioning! For he that doubteth has already built his barrier!
Then, meditation upon that which is thy highest ideal within thyself, raise the vibrations from thy lower self, thy lower consciousness through the centers of thy body to the temple of thy mind, thy brain, thy eye that is single in purpose; or to the glandular forces of the body as the Single Eye.
Then, listen - listen! For it is not in the storm, not in the noise, but the still small voice that rises within.


Dweller read for you [March 03 2014]

Magus, Dweller, Cayce, coral castle [December 26 2013]

What do these texts have in common?

A common theme of jedi like abilities or jesus powers inherent in all humans...forgotten...maybe for good reason. Many stories are brought up of mis-use and exploitation of others with this knowledge, power corrupts, even the people who manage to harness this still sucuum to the lesser qualities of being human.

Yin and Yang is controlled by John Chang in Magus of Java, deep meditation in solitudes of nature allowed him time to build up Yin. The Popular video of Chan below show him among Scientists and Dr's starting a fire with his hands.

Similarly Dweller on Two Planets speaks of Navaz or Yin used by the priestly class whom go out into the solitudes of nature (preferably the mountains) to build up Navaz, a character named Quong moves giant boulders at Mount Shasta effortlessly.

Meditation, the single eye, chanting to alter the bodies vibration/frequency, positive and negative is brought up throughout the Edgar Cayce readings.

Ed Leedskulnin (a small man) single-handedly buids Coral Castle in Florida and claims to know the secret of the pyramids, he speaks on the importance of understanding magnets.

The character Quong in Dweller on Two Planets says "In me is the magnet you do not see. Did it ever occur to you that the processes of all life are carried on by what for our present purpose may be called magnetism? Assimilation of food and drink, waste, excretion, all vital processes whatever? The magnet is in the cerebellum or back brain, and in the medullary substance of the corporae striatum, a veritable wound magnet. The force which causes the heart to act, the lungs to act, maintains bodily heat, and so on, is enormous; it amounts to many hundreds of thousands of foot pounds per day. He that knows occult law can make nature parallel this magnet, for the universe itself moves only because of the current, which flows from positive to negative, from one-half of matter into the other half, continuously. Here, now, is an occult secret: make a place of separation in this, the Fire of Life, and where the poles come in contact there shall force be in action. This block of stone, the door, is an armature in a natural field of force. Here on the ground. is another.”