look inbetween your moments [Aug 18 2014]

"Listen in between your notes / There's something been going on / while you were busy taking notes / And look in between your moments / There's something good happening / It's good to sometimes slow it down / What's the point in pouring it all out / when you guys just wear it on your coat? I believe that for this piece of time / we can really crank us up a lot / Get your head out from those mags and websites who try to shape your style / Take a risk just for yourself and wade into the deep end of the oceannnnn" Panda Bear Carrots


You might decide I'm a nut [Aug 2 2014]

"Then you can flee in terror / Like everybody else does / I only tell you this because / I'm easy to get rid of" Magnetic Fields Absolutely Cuckoo


Do things while you can [Jun 21 2014]

"...or you'll forget about them forever" Ducktails Sprinter


And when I slow it down it's clear [Dec 26 2013]

"So they say practice makes you perfect, So they say you can't teach an old dog, So they say have an apple a day, So they say better safe than sorry...Everyone knows what they say...Everyone knows what they say...Everyone knows what they say...And when I slow it down it's clear, just how it's what they don't say that's what counts...what counts...what counts...Deep down...Deep down (what counts) Deep down (what counts & say what)..." Panda Bear Slow Motion


Expectation is taking its toll [Jan 5 2013]

"And then I will escape, I'll never ever have to see another disappointed face, no one to please..." Tame Impala Expectation